Viet An’s Water filtration system and Water treatment process are professional water purification equipment, is designed according to modern European standards with brands which are USApec, VINARO – From start to now it has been getting a lot of attention of customers – who produce and use purified bottled water in domestic or overseas.

To help you understand more about this water treatment system and reverse osmosis system, today Viet An would like to share  some noticeable information in this article below.

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What is purified water?

Water include only two components. Those are oxygen and hydrogen. Purified water is less conductive, not taste, and is generated from the Pure water filtration lines. This type of water is suitable for refreshment, and is packaged and shipped mainly as bottles or cans.

Introducing water filtration system and Water treatment process

As advanced water treatment process, it is used to produce pure bottled water – moreover it is designed  by modern technology with lots of different capacity from 300L/h to 90.000l/h in order to meet all demand for using, producing as families, schools, hospitals, business and production units of purified water

Water filtration system and water treatment process are 2 of the outstanding products from Viet An General Trade Joint Stock Company, assembled in Viet An’s factory under the state of art technology from the United States. The manufacturing process according to ISO 9001-2015, the most excellent and strict international standards actually.

In 2015 Viet An has achieved the title of “Brand leading Vietnam 2015” by The consumer poll.

Photos certified company achieved the title leading

Water treatment system with Photos certified company achieved the title leading in 2015

Water filtration system

1. Series machines with materials, Composite column (can use hand operated valves or auto valves)

Images of purified water filter lines Composite USApec

Images of water filtration system Composite USApec

Image of purified water filtration line 1500L

Image of water filtration system 1500L Composite, Automatic valves

2. Series used material 304 stainless steel columns (can use hand valves or auto valve)
Our company offers a full range of water filtration with different capacity: water purification equipment with minimum capacity is 300L/h and maximum capacity is 90000l /h – that meet all needs of customers.



+ Production process: According to the International Standard ISO 9001-2015

+ Standard base: Announced according to basic standards: CBTC 01 / VA / 2015 include:

1. Pushing pump system VA, booster pump systems.

2. Air disinfection systems (shell filter, filter core).

3. Heavy metal filter system (shell filter, filter core).

4. Filter System decontamination, color, odor (shell filter, filter core).

5. The system of limestone removal and water softener (shell filter, filter core).

6. Reverse osmosis system (membrane shell, RO membranes, flowmeters, pressure meter, high pressure valves, electrical control cabinets).

7. VA flow measurement equipment, guessing water capacity and automatic power (meter).

8. Framework and other accessories.


For ease of reference, Viet An give out for listing the 4 series of water filtration are:

Here are the price list to water filtration, water systems for most popular products today:

Ordinal Capacity/hourPrice in VNDTechnical specifications
1Water purifier 300 liters36,900,000Details
2Water purifier 450 liters48,900,000 Details
3Water purifier 750 liters79,900,000Details
4Water purifier 1000 liters98,900,000Details
5Water filtration system 1200 liters108,900,000 Details
6Water filtration system 1500 liters143,900,000 Details
7Water filtration system 1800 liters172,900,000Details
8Water treatment system 2000 liters188,900,000Details
9Water treatment system 2500 liters235,000,000Details
10water treatment process 3000 liters279,900,000Details

Price of reverse osmosis system (RO system) above will change depend on units of configuration you choose to install. Each capacity of line is suitable for different users. Please call 0949 41 41 41 for detail.


Warranty Policy

Warranty: 1-2 years depending on different types

Maintenance: 4-13 years depending on different types

In using reverse osmosis system (RO system) – uv water purifier with any problems happen – all customers can contact with Viet An’s technical staff – they will always support you in detail.


Some customers’units have used products of Viet An company

Diana Bac Ninh Company: is a leading company in the produce industry products care for women and children in Vietnam, the consumer Diana always voted as Vietnam high quality goods. Diana is a company manufacturing the first and only sanitary napkins (SN), and only the first in Vietnam to be certified ISO 9001: 2000 and is Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommended. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao (Purchasing Director – JSC Branch Diana – Bac Ninh): “We believe in Viet An General Trade JSC’s products, Viet An has the attitude of professional work, hearted, quick installation time, the progress of work in time. “

Hospital Hanoi Medical University (No. 1 Ton That Tung, Trung Tu Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi), the leading unit in the field of scientific research and training of doctors and nurses. With a team of leading professors doctors in Vietnam, where health care is always best patients. The use of water to ensure food safety standards are also one of the things contributing to the care and protection of the health of patients and family members of patients at the hospital perhaps why Hanoi Medical University has selected and used Viet An’s water filtration system, water treatment process.

Canon Vietnam Co. (Lot A1, Thang Long Industrial Park, Dong Anh, Hanoi), 100% overseas investment is very interested in the health of workers, so that the management company has decided to choose and use USApec water filtration system, water treatment process to supply purified water for workers using.

Vietnam Samsung a world-class corporation with business activities in all the areas of advanced technology, semiconductors, construction of high-rise buildings and the construction of the plant, petrochemical, time page, medicine, finance, hotels, and other fields. Like other businesses, always considers the health care workers are the survival of the company, reflecting this concern, company Samsung Vietnam has decided to sign a contract to install water treatment process – uv water purifier (include reverse osmosis system – RO system) with Viet An General Trade JSC to ensure clean water supply and food safety standards for workers using.

That is just one of thousands of customers have used Viet An’s product. Our company constantly improve and develop with the desire to bring the best quality of service (best reverse osmosis system) to customers.

Please contact VA when you want to own the water treatment process, water treatment system. 0942 41 41 41

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    Website: http: // locnuocvietan.vn

If you have any questions, there is the need to use or need advice on the water filtration system, Water treatment process want to know, as well as how much for each specific capacity, the main firms USApec of the purified water production line, please contact the nearest branch of the Vietnam Security for advice and support. Or call 0949 41 41 41 (HOTLINE)

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